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Different ways to run a script
There exist several ways to run a script in a shell.

  • Execute 'script' if it is executable and located in the current directory:
  • ./script

    ./ means the current directory. It is necessary to specify it because usually the current directory is not in the $PATH variable.

  • Execute 'script' if the file is executable and located in a directory listed in the $PATH variable:
  • script

  • Source 'script' :
  • source script

    The file does not need to be executable but must be a valid shell script. The file can be in the current directory or a directory listed in the $PATH variable.

  • Source 'script' (syntax variant) :
  • . script

    'source' is an alias of the command '.' defined by bash and other shells.

However, executing a script and sourcing a script are two different operations: Difference between "execute" a script and "source" a script.
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