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[C#] Write data in a file
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Posted on 13/11/2021 at 05:21:08

by BGjohn

I am writing a program in C# and I am looking for creating a text file and writing data in this file during the execution. I also don't want the program to overwrite the file. I want the data to be written at the end of an existing file.

Can you help to find the correct function to do that?

Posted on 13/11/2021 at 05:54:17

by TheLibrarian
Hello BGjohn! 🙂

In C#, to write in a file without overwrite it, you can use the class StreamWriter.
And do not forget to use the namespace System.IO.

Here is the syntax:

using System.IO;

StreamWriter file = new StreamWriter(@"C:\filename.txt", true); //open the file (and create it if it does not already exist)
//true means not to overwrite the file but to write at the end of the existing file

file.WriteLine("The text to write."); //write text to the file.

file.Close(); //close the file.

You can find more information here:

Please let me know if you need more help. 😉
Good luck!

Posted on 13/11/2021 at 06:14:43

by BGjohn
Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for. 🙂
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