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Where to watch TV channels and listen to the radio in French (page updated regularly)
To learn French vocabulary and improve your listening, a good practice is to watch French TV. However, it is not always easy to watch French TV channels when you are not in France (without using a VPN and without registration).

TV channels

So to help you get used to listening to people speaking French, here is a small list of TV channels you can watch wherever you are in the world (a priori...) on the internet.

  • BFM TV: French national 24-hour news channel.
  • FranceInfo TV: French public television channel of 24-hour news.
  • CNews: French national 24-hour news channel.
  • Euronews: multilingual pan-European (but French-based) channel of 24-hour international news.
  • France 24: French channel of 24-hour international news.
  • TV5 Monde Europe (if you are in Europe): international French-speaking generalist television channel.

Radio stations

Here is also a list of French radio stations freely accessible on the internet. Once on the radio sites, you generally have to click on an icon named "Le Direct" (Live) or "Écouter" (Listen).

These lists are obviously not exhaustive but they will be updated regularly according to requests. You can also find French videos quite easily on free and paid legal streaming sites.

If you have problems accessing these resources in French or want to share other links, you can discuss them on the forum: Discussion forums.
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