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[French] No article between "de" and an adjective
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Posted on 11/04/2022 at 20:07:24

by Annyta
Hi there!

Why do you say "du beau temps", when you don't use the article between de and an adjective, for example "j'ai acheté de nouvelles chaussures"?

All the best

Posted on 11/04/2022 at 21:27:18

by TheLibrarian
Hi Annyta!

Oh excellent question.
Actually, the reason is different for your two examples.

- For "du beau temps", "du" means "de le".

For example:

du beau temps (= de + le beau temps)
de la pluie

The article is actually still there and is included in "du" when the noun is masculine.

- But for your second example ("de nouvelles chaussures"), it's different. It's not the same case.

We do not put an article before a plural noun preceded by an adjective.


J'ai acheté des chaussures neuves. (adjective after the noun)
J'ai acheté de nouvelles chaussures. (adjective before the noun)

I hope it is clear. 😉
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